I was sad one day and my friend Leland came by, I heard him coming up the stairs and then come through the front door, it was already past midnight, but he said, "well, we've got to do something, let's go get your bike." So we did. It was cold out, I had my striped mittens, my puffy white coat with the fake fur, my plaid 50's housewife dress and my tall ugg boots. We biked all over Provo, and I found that when I pedaled fast enough I didn't cry anymore. I will write an entry about Leland someday soon, he is one of the best people I've ever known, he makes everyones lives better. That night he even bought me a churro. The reason I begin with this story is because my whole trip Leland's words stuck with me, "we've got to do something." The second morning of the trip I found myself literally hiking straight up an uncharted mountain path, which was very icy and steep in parts, in cross country skiis. There were about 8 of us, I was third in line and our other teacher Stacy Tamaguchi was leading the expedition. To be honest, I had no idea what we were looking for or why we were climbing so vertically on the mountain, I just kept going up. It was hard work to dig the sides of the skiis into the crusty snow, but Leland's words kept coming back to me, "we've just got to do something." We got to the top, where I took this picture. I found out that we were looking for another yurt, which ended up being rather elusive, and we didn't find anything really, except a fun path down through the trees and powder. I didn't solve any world problems, or for that matter, any of my own, but was it worth it? Yes.

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