belize, guatemala.

I have to admit that I am sorry for writing a sort of travel log on here, i{m mostly writing so that my family knows I am alive. We were in belize for a few days, it was so beautiful there. we stayed on this little peninsula that we took a bus, boat, bus, taxi, boat and then walked for a bit to get there. It was relax town, for sure, the people were seriously hanging out and listening to bob marley the whole time. now we are in a little town at the top of guatemala called livingston. we were going to keep going on the boat taxi, but when we pulled up to the dock both chris and i just got out because it seemed like such a cool little place. we were right. it is all small steep streets, not very touristy at all. in fact, we met this black guy on the beach this afternoon and he took us to play dominos with all his friends at the bar on the beach. I{m sure they wondered why we were so bad at playing, but it was a delightful experience. I do love traveling but it feels so indulgent, i wish i were working down here or was a missionary again. we keep meeting people who have been traveling for like 8 or 9 months. i don{t think i could do that. I{m having a lovely time though, i{m not sick or robbed. hello to everyone!


The Christensen Family said...

Ashley....don't even try and blame your travel bloggingness on us. your family. but it IS good to know you're alive. :) sounds like you're having a blast from the past!!!! you lucky duck.

shelly said...

I love living through you! It sounds wonderful!!!

britt said...

Glad to read you're home and of your wonderful adventures! Hopefully we'll see you sometime this summer before the regathering of Johan in the fall.