We just walked around the corner from the plaza where we made friends with a man who is studying to be a firefighter. He looked American and had an american postman jacket on and he seemed to be lingering around our bench like he wanted a friend, so I said hi. He was quite zealous to practice his english. While we were talking all the lights in the city went out, I guess they do that when it rains a lot to conserve energy. We didn´t mind though, we just kept on talking. We are in Antigua, and it is every bit as lovley as I remembered. It´s strange to be back in places that have only been part of a memory for so long, and it´s perhaps even stranger to realize that they are just they way they were four years ago. We are even staying in the same hostile.

There is something so calming to me about being a small and insignificant part of all the chaos that happens in Latin America. We rode the buses today, it was loud, bumpy, crowded and dirty, and I could have ridden them all day. The people here in Guatemala are so nice. We had the most delightful taxi driver last night, he first dropped us off at this hostile that seemed a little sketch, we didn´t like it and when we came back out he was still there waiting for us just in case we wanted to try somewhere else. I think we´ll try and head up to belize tomorrow. Sorry, I just realized that I am totally sounding like a missionary writing home the weekly report. I´m mostly just writing so my parents don´t worry. I actually have some better and more eloquent thoughts that i´ve been keeping in my journal that i´ll write here later. chau!


Alex Ungerman said...

oooooo! Can't wait to hear more from you little little!

shelly said...

Sounds so wonderful! Wish I were there!

Heather said...

I can't wait to hear MORE!