a list.

1. My brother Dane got married to Nicole Carmen yesterday. Of course I cried, just a little, out of the pure nostalgia of seeing a little brother grow up and happiness because marriage is a beautiful thing to see begin. Everything was so lovely and so good to be with family.

2. I am sitting here bonding with Darcie's baby kjell while she ran an errand, he's smiled at me three times. Make that 4, I just stopped to talk to him, I think we're really growing on each other.

3. I also got to babysit for Natalie and Richie Norton's three boys this morning. Family is always worth the drive. When I was making breakfast for Cardon he told me that he really needed some sugar for breakfast.

4. I am searching for a job. i feel so unqualified and overwhelmed. damn money. can't i just make some art and write some poems? if anyone knows of a job....

5. i can't stop listening to brazilian music, it's the sexiest thing i've ever heard.

6. sorry this is a dumb blog post. really, i do have things to say, and I do plan to say them more eloquently and with visuals in the next day or so.


Heather said...

I love this post!

Sofia said...

Brazilian music is really beautiful and so is Portugues. My brother who returns from his mission in Brasilia in November will be vocalizing his thoughts and experiences to us in a language I consider the most romantic: Spanish and French mixed together. HAve you ever tried or seen Capoeira, the battling dance? It's amazing.

You should be an art teacher for a career. You get summer off and would enjoy helping kids express themselves in all sorts of art. Matt and I are aiming towards teaching...

A & O said...

1-Damn the money indeed! But I think I need a second job, so perhaps we could hunt together?

2-I don't think I need some sugar for breakfast.

3-you're sexier than brazilian music and I'll bet Mario agrees with me.