little people with little chairs

Today i went to my home ward. I love the people there so much. It always feels like coming home. My mom was recently called to the nursery and because tiny people are not a privilege we have in a singles ward, I couldn't help myself and I snuck away from relief society for a little bit to go visit them. When I walked there were about 10 kids and 5 adults sitting on miniature chairs and singing songs in a circle. I was surprised and enthusiastic about how quickly all the words and most importantly, actions, to the primary songs came back to me instinctively. My favorites being the 'Book of Mormon Stories' action when you fold both arms across your chest and when you pat the imaginary ball of popcorn in 'Popcorn popping on the apricot tree'.
One kid, who was in the nursery for the first time was so excited to be there, I don't even think he spoke yet, but he was looking around nonchalantly trying to follow the other kids. He fell asleep in his chair about 5 minutes in. The next little girl is a ward favorite, she sits on the bench in front of us in sacrament meeting and is always very generous with her cheerios, she was quiet, cross-legged and polka-dot-dressed. The next girl, Faith, kept commenting loudly about how shiny her hair was, and at one point claimed that Jesus had stolen her name tag. Turns out, it was really the little girl next to her who plucked it off the back of Faith's dress, at which point all the kids realized they had name tags clipped to the back of them and chubby arms starting reaching back and behind frantically. The next boy, in the midst of name tag searching, insisted several times that we sing the temple song, which we did. He had on a hawaiian print button up shirt and flip flops. The next girl was the older sister of the sleeping boy, her name was elva and she was so attentive. She had on this pink fluffy princess dress I would have died for 20 years ago. She raised her hand politely and asked if we could sing, 'I am a child of dod', which we did, although, as soon as we started, she got up and started wandering around the small room. The next girl was a little pea of a person. Her name was summer and she had bright red hair pulled up into the weeest pigtails. Every time my mom opened her mouth to sing, summer pointed and said, "Gum?" Then there was me, raining with my fingers onto the foolish man's house, and then another leader, who i could tell was trying not to laugh, and then one more little boy who couldn't sit still for more than 8 seconds. The leader kept saying in the nicest voice, "Johnathan, can you please sit on your pockets?", but I think he was hearing selectively.

After the singing was done, I decided I probably needed to go back to relief society, but as I was walking out the door, one of the leaders said, "It's snack time, everybody push your chairs over to the table." I looked back and saw 9 tiny little people eagerly pushing 9 tiny little chairs, including one containing the sleeping boy. It made my day.


shelly said...

Oh, my gosh -- I loved my Nursery Leader calling a few years ago! That's Erik and Kindsay's now, too! Your descriptions brought me right back there...
Today in our Primary during Sharing Time, the teacher in charge had the missionaries come in and tell about missionary work. One of the Elders asked a question, and a little boy that is about 5 or 6 raised his hand and asked, "Do you EVER change your clothes??" Hahahaha! It was a brand new missionary, only out of the MTC for a couple of weeks. He's extremely fair, and the poor guy turned BRIGHT red! Hahaha! I love Primary:)

Club Narwhal said...

at one point claimed that Jesus had stolen her name tag--priceless! this was such a great post, so much heart!

Lindsey P said...

I love little kids! i love them so much. Their tiny body's and their tiny voices. I want to bite all their cheeks.

(Maybe it's my fault nephew Brody bites?)