i can't believe i am doing this. but a amy scott and i were talking about bravery. these are a couple of my poems.

A First Step Towards Loss
The first time I know summer

My parents tell me to get back in bed. I am six. I stand at the blinds without moving slats:
watch neighborhood kids run cat-footed in fields and dusk. Sun setting silhouettes
christened in purple shadow and wet, wet, wet, sprinklers click on lawns.
orange sky yawns—slow as counting stars. Elephant light through lazy white drapes,
darkness is coming, first firefly night.

(this is the one i wrote that day that i didn't go to class)


I nearly fused the gold band to my middle finger.
When I spilled the chemicals.
There was a moment of panic,
Then a sting of courage
When I saw the tender white
Ring of puffy skin underneath.


Club Narwhal said...

ashmae--these are lovely. your imagery is so evocative (love the orange sky yawning). thank you for posting these and your art. i printed one of your arts off to send in this summer package to a friend. it fit perfectly. tonight i will post some brave things on my blog because you have inspired me so. xo!

Heather said...

I loves these Ash! You're amazing.

shelly said...

kskYou are so GOOD, Ashley. Thanks for sharing.

shelly said...

Sorry -- the word verification showed up in my comment. I wasn't swearing or anything - promise!

diana palmer said...

so nice, ashley, you, your poems, your art. i think nice is a high compliment from me.

lets do share our stuff, in fact let's do it for the whole blogosphere to see! i posted some stuff too. its raw and unworked. what can i say, my non-legit lazy self reigns.

Lindsey P said...

Thanks for being brave and posting these Ash. I'm glad I got to read them.

poppies in july said...

oh! oh! bravery - here's a thousand cheers to being brave