My great grandpa Monahan is the man in the top left hand of this picture. The twins on the top row may be the reason that I someday have twins. They look like a lovely and austere bunch. I love to think that these people's genes and personalities and ideas have in some way carried down to me. I especially love this picture because while it hung in our hallway for nearly 20 years, we didn't notice great great aunt katie in the bottom right corner until just a couple years ago. We didn't know what to say.


Gritty Pretty said...

ash mae,
haha. was it really ok way back then to have a see through blouse? or is that an optical illusion with lace? teehee.

Heather said...

This, I can honestly say is one of my all-time favorite photos in the world! Thank you.

darcie said...

grace, adam is from monahans. are yours irishies?