I can!

That's right everyone.  I, Ashley mae Christensen have officially begun my crusade to be more self-sufficient.  I'll admit, I've been obsessed with canning things and food storage lately.  I've been at a few holiday parties where people have asked, "so, what do you think you'll do when you graduate?"  and I have in confidence answered, "I think I'll can a lot of things."  Luckily I have a supportive boyfriend who doesn't walk away trying to pretend he doesn't know me at said social events.  

My very first purchase actually happened two nights ago as I perused the camping aisle in Target.  I bought eight boxes of waterproof matches. They came in a little plastic case with a button. My enthusiasm began to boil.  Then today at work, there were five boxes of mushy apples that no one was eating, given to our office as a Christmas present, I saw them, and in my mind's eye, other things began to boil.

Being the new girl at the office, I was a little hesitant to ask for an entire box of apples, but I did, and then everyone went to team meeting, and so I took the box down to my car and drove directly to the store to buy Pectin.   

I've wanted to make apple jelly before, but recipes were hard to find, and I wanted success on a first project, so I turned to the not-so-ever-popular apple butter.  Now, I've never actually had apple butter, nor seen it, so I couldn't be disappointed with the results.  I made a giant pot of it, I added spices and lemon juice and apple vinegar at will, keeping the sugar to a minimum.  I poured it into little glass jars, and Carl came up from studying to help me vacuum seal them.  It was all rather miraculous, and we fist-pumped in the kitchen for a moment.  I am bringing the jars to work tomorrow.  The employees will never suspect that the new secretary had it in her.  

The rest of the jars are going into my study.  I am done with college, at least for now.  I do not need a study.  From now on I'll read while I stir my boiling fruit.


Sofia Deyanira said...

Well then, I have just the book for you! I will send it back with Carl after the break. Done with college, oh I imagine that sounds and feels sooooooo good.

Lindsey P said...

DONE!!! Ya! plus, I'm so glad you're canning things because I got the yummy results just a couple hours ago. Thanks again for the Christmas gifts. I love to see you and hope I get to again soon.

Gheybin said...

I totally adore you.

lia said...

done with college yes yes yes! welcome to s-over mania

hybrid said...

What the apple butter!?!?
um... please save me a can full. I think that's the first experience andrew should have in p-town