BFA Final Show, "Part One, Part Two"

Date:  Thursday, January 8th
Time:  7-9 p.m.
Place:  BYU Harris Fine Arts Center 3rd Floor Galleries 
What:  Installations, paintings for sale, birthday cake, friends, art.


C.S. Perry said...

I'd love to attend but, unfortunately, I'm currently incarcerated.
Good luck though.

Lindsey P said...

Im so excited to see all your work. i'll be there bright eyed and bushy tailed, or bleary eyed and wearing the same clothes as the day before (as usual). either way I'll be there, because luckly I am not incarcerated.

(sorry tho, C.S. Perry, I don't know you, but i hope you're free soon.)

ashmae said...

i also am not sure who c.s. perry is, but i don't think he lives in the state, so i think it would be difficult to attend either way, it is nice of him to read my blog and wish me luck though.

shelly said...

HAPPY BIRTDAY, ASHLEY!!! Good luck with your show! Wish I were there to see it!

Christine Armbruster said...

Your show was beautiful! I'm glad I got to go, you are incredibly talented and you should come by our house more often. That is all.

shelly said...

I've heard your show is beautiful and amazing. I had no doubt!

david. said...

i loved your show, of course and am excited for my new painting.
i love you ashley.

the blog gods have asked me to tell you to update.

Jendar said...

i wish i could had made it. sigh.