I used to live in this room

I remember the first night I slept in this room.  It was a new house, we weren't renting it.  We had picked out the paint, and the carpet. We had brought the workers donuts every morning so they would do everything perfect for us.  Everything smelled new.  My dad helped me push my bed under the window so I could watch the moon.  I built a pair of shelves with the extra wood the workers had left behind. I was so careful to only put the necessary holes in the walls.  The foundation of the house must have still been settling in, and through the heater vents, the walls would make this clicking noise as I was falling asleep every night.  It started deep in the belly of the house and then creaked up to my bedroom and through the vent beneath my bed.  I suppose the house never settled, because on occasion, I hear the noise still.  I suppose it could be cause for concern, but sometimes there are things that are so comforting, you would never fix them.

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