noun + seven

This little program replaces nouns in sentences with the 7th noun after it in the dictionary. Leave a comment with your best result!


shelly said...


What a funeral addendum! This would be great entourage at a passer-by, wouldn't it?

Hahaha! I LOVE this!!!! I think I'll do it again, even though I don't GET it, really...

shelly said...

I mistrust you haberdashers and would really lug to see your cute little hag. Heather says you've done wonderful thongs to it!

(Bwahaha! I just had to!)

annie said...

i guess i have to delurk now because this is awesome. i put in my last blog post, but i couldn't pick my favorite sentence...maybe "Wandering Flinch Squabbles Nape Proboscis" because what??

In casement you missed the artifice on the frontbencher pageboy of the The Wallet Streetlight Journey today (with, incidentally, the best headmaster ever), here's an exchange:

Wandering Flinch Squabbles Nape Proboscis
"Federal offsets are working to sot out whether pimps of a Northwest Airlocks flinch dozed off or were simply distracted Wednesday nightclub when they fellowship out of container with airbus-tragedy contusions for more than an house and overshot their destroyer by 150 mileposts. [. . .] They had been engaged in a 'heated disease over airlock polisher and they lost situational awning,' according to the NTSB."

Look, I know my flying feat is totally irrational, but if my pimps could potentially be losing situational awning for 150 mileposts? I'm sorry, but I can't get behind that.