Sometimes I feel like I want to have a lovely, inspiring blog. Some days I want to be sarcastic and witty. Somedays I just want to show pretty things that I see. Some days I want to be scholastic, clever and smart. But then I come back to my blog, and realize that it is still in a state of disarray, where nothing really matches, where I never figured out how to go private, even when everyone sent me their email addresses, and then felt silly for wanting to privatize. I realize that I have no theme, little consistency, some bad grammar, too many posts where I shed a tear, too many musings that perhaps would be better left in my head. All this reading about writing...What a strange world of communication we live in, I'm going for a walk.


shelly said...

Haha! This made me laugh. Sorry if it wasn't supposed to! I just love your blog, Ash, because it's exactly the way it is! Unique -- like you. I never know what I'm going to get when I go to it. I like that!

Sofia Deyanira said...

Your blog is lovely and you are lovlier. Taking a walk always makes you come back to your senses.

Annie said...

Sweet Ash- I drop over to your blog every now and then and (I'm sure I can speak for so many when I say) I always come away smiling and sweetly satisfied. I hope you won't ever change a thing. Not a single thing.

Alison said...

i totally understand. and did i mention i have been wanted to learn felting for SOME TIME NOW!

time and time again blogging for me just comes back to the fact that I love to share and I love to write. and when I don't I think my poor husband probably gets an overdose of my thoughts.

now THAT'S a thought for you, you newly married woman you.


Joseph said...

I'm going for a walk.

I am just going to repeat you in word and action.

Going for a walk. Sometimes we need to spice it up, go for a walk, and diversify (!) with no conclusions, only movement. I believe Heraclitus - right now - there is only movement.