excuse me. I just slept for 11 hours. what is going on? But on a good note, I was dreaming that I worked at the post office and I was having the time of my life. I had convinced everyone that a little re-decorating needed to be done and so we were taking down the ugly beige wallpaper and putting up yellow paper behind everything. It was lovely. Then, I was in charge of the marquee outside and I was coming up with all sorts of clever phrases to get people into the post office. Phrases like, "send a package to your friends and family", and "why not send a letter?". I was trying to use my rhetorical skills I have been learning about all last semester. Who is my audience? How can I best appeal to them? etc... My dad was also working at the post office in an office in the back, we had a great time working together.

Then, the next day I decided that I was going back to Uruguay. I went and my old friend came and picked me up, I didn't know that she could drive. We hung out at the city pool for a while. There were three types of pools; a regular one, a boating rollercoaster one, and one where you played this food racing game. Oh Uruguay. We started walking into the city and I started to recognize things like the churches, designs on walls, bridges, and shops. It was so beautiful and I started to cry I was so happy to be there. Then I woke up and realized that it was nearly 11 a.m. and promptly arose. Merry Christmas I say.

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Bayley Brook said...

i dreamt that the inventor of ikea closed down the ikea in draper for a whole night and day and me and an unidentified accompanier accompanied me in running around ikea recklessly. it was so fun.

I think our minds think similarly sometimes.