Creative Writing Final Reading, Tuesday @ 7:30

I'm sorry that the only thing I do on this blog lately is invite you to things. I'm going to do it once more, but only because I feel like these things are worth it. One of the highlights of this summer has been teaching a creative writing class to ten smart, capable teen girls. We have done so many things: papermaking, letterpressing, learning about the history of the book, a geology tour of Rock Canyon, made writing journals, learned from Utah's 2008 poet of the year, and all the while, we've been writing and working hard. Tomorrow we are having a final reading in my backyard. If you are around, I promise a lovely evening of thoughtful, surprising writing, refreshments and good company. The reading starts at 7:30 and will go for about an hour.


Jim/Blog said...

Drat, I missed it. I hope it went well.

k. double-u. said...

One of the loveliest things ever. I went home inspired to write.

Joseph said...

How was it? "One of the loveliest things ever" sounds nice. Wish I could have been there.