Last night I had a dream that I owned a store. In the store there were all sorts of paintings, toys, books and candy. Lots and lots of kids were coming in and I felt like a queen as I handed them all things off the shelves and sent them away without paying. It was fabulous. It was so fabulous that it woke me up and I couldn't sleep for a couple more hours as I was thinking about it.

There are a lot of good things on my mind as of late. We found out on Monday that we are having a tiny baby boy. All my life I had imagined having a boy first, but then during the past couple months I felt like it would be a girl. As soon as the ultrasound lady said boy though, it seemed so wonderful. We would have been delighted either way, but I have to admit, I feel a little more at ease knowing that I will not have a first daughter who was as stubborn and strong-willed as I was as a little kid. I'm hoping he inherits Carl's calmness. Carl is already talking about taking him on hikes and I hope the little guy is absorbing all of the science and math facts and procedures that Carl explains to me everyday. I love the idea of Carl having an ever-attentive audience and someone to teach things to.

On a more subdued note, if I disappear for 6 weeks starting on Monday, know it is not because I don't like you, etc... I am actually going in for surgery to have a large ovarian cyst removed. We are positive everything will be just fine, and the doctors just want to take extra pre-caution while the baby is still small enough to actually do the surgery. We feel lucky to have good surgeons who are not only skilled in what they do, but also have a wonderful, caring spirit about them. We are confident that this is for the best. In the mean time, and by that I mean after Monday, I will be spending a good deal of time in my bed should you like to visit.


Lizzy Lambson said...

Ohhh, you're having a boy! Congratulations! Our boys will be in the same grade in school. They should be friends.

All the best with your surgery--I hope it goes well and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers! I wish I could come visit and bring some soup. Keep us posted!

MaryAnne said...

I'm so happy for you! That is great news about the little boy! Fun for Dash to have a little boy cousin too!

I hope everything goes well for you in the surgery, but I'm sure it will!

shelly said...

I'm SOOOO excited for you! I loved having a little boy first. A LOT. And I'm sure your surgery will go perfectly.

I have a feeling your little boy is going to be a football jock.

shelly said...


K8 said...

shelly was really getting a kick out of that one. love you, aunt shelly!

shelly said...

Ha! Thanks for noticing, Kate! Love you too! I hope you're doing great, wherever you are. I used to check your blog out but then I lost you. (Sorry we're using this as an email, Ash! Love you!)

That thought just struck me so FUNNY! I was just picturing a thick-necked lunk coming home and making a paper airplane out of one of his mama's paintings or something, and Ashley and Carl wouldn't know what to do with him! Ha! Oh, I'm cracking myself up again. Ash and Carl, JUST KIDDING! But think about it!

Sofia Deyanira said...

I love you so much, Ash! What a lovely dream! I hope you have many dreams like that while recovering, you will be in our prayers. We too are so excited for you guys.

Geo said...

A baby? A baby? A BABY? How wonderful! I'm thrilled for you two (three)! Yeehaw, AshMae!

And surgery today! Well, I picked a fine day to read this—could have been praying for you. But I trust all went well. It's a wonder to think you can have a surgery like that while pregnant and it's just routine stuff. What a great time we live in.

Your dream is lovely, and I can absolutely see you as proprietor of such a happy place. You're going to be an excellent, joyful mother. Carl's going to be fabulous too. I'm so happy for you guys. xo

Erica Green said...

Yeah congratulations! We are expecting our second in april. We'll find out the day before thanksgiving what we are having. We already have a lot of adorable boy clothes, but it would be fun to have a little girl.

Good luck with your surgery! I hope that you feel better soon!

Where are you guys now? Still in Utah? I wish we lived closer so I could visit you and give you a hug.

mlents said...

Ash we love you so much and are praying for your quick recovery. How exciting to have a little boy! You and Carl will be such wonderful and loving parents.