Gift Giving

Elisa possesses a gift for giving gifts. I've never known anyone to plot, notice, create and give with so much joy. I have a box of dear gifts from Elisa, and honestly gifts that shaped me as a person at a time when I didn't even know that someone could be so thoughtful and aware of the things that would always be important to me. I've tried, hard, and I've never
amounted to the gift-giver that I've wanted to be. I wanted to do
something nice and very good for her and Alex for a wedding gift. I thought for weeks, searched all over Portland, the internet, the good-gift archives of my brain and nothing seemed right.
I finally ended up spending a fair number of hours putting miniature stitches into this little ditty. It's not much, especially as I see it now. I did love moving the needle in and out of
the fabric. The repetition seemed meaningful and even symbolic of so many days she and I passed
together and apart, both good and bad. I used an embroidery hoop that belonged to my
grandma because she and Elisa spent many hours together, and Pat would have wanted to somehow be a part of her wedding day. I wish now that I could have done something better. I don't know what. Though, I think, even on her wedding day, she one-upped me again by giving me the better gift of inviting me and my family to be a part of her most beautiful wedding.


Little Lisa said...

I miss you terribly. What a beautiful gift you gave. You, Ashley, are a gift!

Tim said...

Successful gift giving is definitely one of the Christ-like attributes I would like to develop, especially with Cait. But I agree, it can be incredibly difficult. Whenever I've pulled it off, it has always been worth the effort, though.

Shelly said...

Very impressive! I know an amazing gift-giver. She lives in my old ward in Oceanside. She knew when to give and what to give and I swore each time that I would become better at that. I think it can be learned:) (Even though I think it is a gift, to be such a good gift-giver...)SHE was a gift herself. Am I being redundant?