Billboard Poetry Project

The point of this project is to celebrate and acknowledge what ideas, thoughts, things are created locally. Partly this idea stems from something I gleaned from, oddly enough, the many hours I've listened to Ralph Nader speak over my lifetime (which in reality is only at two rallies, but that man sure speaks a long time). He gave the example that oftentimes we have 140 channels on our T.V., and they are all crap. We know they are, but we assume that because that is what we are given, we have to just choose one of them. He said, (and this is what's stuck with me for so many years), if we don't like any of those channels, we don't have to put up with them. We should just start our own channel. Duh! He's so right. Well, I really didn't like what was up on many of our billboards in Utah, so I decided to put up something that I do like. Something that makes me think, and means something to the community. So... come to these events! Let's talk more. Let's celebrate who we are.

You may have seen this on my Facebook or in the newspaper! but... I'm pretty excited about the project, so you will see it again here too. I won't spend too much time explaining my motives and inspiration for the project here because most of that information is on the main page of the website. I will say though that you should be a part, there are three ways:

1. See the billboards with a poem by a local poet on State Street between Provo and Springville, going southbound.

2. Go to the website billboardpoetryproject.com to sign up for a free writing or art workshop and to read more fabulous local poetry.

3. Attend the drive-by caravan and reception on Saturday, the 10th of September. We will meet in the BYU Stadium parking lot between 6:00-6:30 p.m. and drive by the billboards in a caravan. At seven we will gather at the park on 8th East and Center Street in Provo for a reception with delicious food, poetry reading and a short lecture by poet Derek Henderson.

Also, there will be an impromptu art show, which means that all of you should bring a piece of art to put up in the portable art gallery that will be set up at the park. This is fun stuff!

You can also read about the project here. The dear friend who wrote this has done so much to help, organize and support along the way.

Email me with any questions. ashley.mae.christensen@gmail.com Woot!


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I'm not sure how much help I've actually been, but I love the idea behind this project. Brilliant. Lovely. Just like you.

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wowee wow wowo

Patti said...

Ashley you rock. I love what you're doing.