We go on little hikes. Remy looks very intense here, which actually, he is, but he was loving this tree-covered little trail.

As was my mountain man husband. cute!

We went camping up Diamond Fork Canyon for a couple of days. So beautiful and Remy loved waking up outside (or with just a bit of netting between him and the outside.) RIP Bumbo chair, this is the last evidence we have of you before some wiley squirrels or mice ate you to pieces while we were gone.

The most lovely wedding in the middle of nowhere Utah. It was magic, I would have stayed out there under that tree and eaten cake night after night.

Dear friend/brother Joseph with baby Remy. When I see this photo I just think "two good souls."


Steve Morrison said...

Ah, I spent so many happy hours hiking trails with my newborn in a backpack. Enjoy it :)

Shelly said...

I need to get my hands on him!!