Sometimes when I am being super dramatic and overwhelmed, Carl sits me down and we write a list of all of the things that are making me upset. It seems to help when I can physically see on paper all of the things that are stressful and difficult, and then usually by the time they are all written down, I am fine. I wish that we'd kept the lists he's penned for me over the past couple of years because they are, to say the least, awesome. If there were an award for the best melodramatic list, the one about 4 months into my pregnancy would win. It went a little something like this:

#5. I feel fat

#8. I am always hungry

Really? I certainly make some difficult demands on myself, my body and my husband. We still laugh about that list. Let's all be nicer to ourselves. We're doing a good job.


kathy w. said...

A good job, indeed.

Little Lisa said...

I am just so excited to see you three in less than two weeks. I am going to nibble on little Remy's cheeks and I hope he doesn't mind that.