Stanford, we finally made it, thanks for having us.

My dad and Remy checking out the new courtyard at our house. All of the houses are in a circle and we share one gigantic gated backyard with all the little kid mobiles one young heart could ever desire. Bring your kids! come visit. We will send the tots outside while we relax inside and I make you some homemade ice-cream.

Ah, yes. Here is the photo I emailed all of my cousins, sisters, friends as bribery to come visit.

This is the Stanford Tower. Not quite sure what goes on in here, but the campus is beautiful, to say the least. And very large.

This is Remy in his new bathtub. He is the happiest boy. He literally screamed with joy when Carl walked in the door from his nearly-three-week field camp. We love him so much we can't even stand it. Turns out, the doctor was right, compared to all the other kids in the courtyard, he does have a big head. We don't care! Go Remy!

I have the best parents who road-tripped out here with Remy and I, then moved us in and got us settled. They are champions among champions. Go parents! This is at the Memorial Church on campus. If you can't tell from the photo, Carl also has a birthday glow here. The big 26. I know, I know, everyone always thinks that he must be older than me, and when they are surprised they usually try and stop themselves from saying the sentence they really wanted to say, "but he's so much more mature than you..." It's true. Go Carl!

Also, you had all best be planning yourselves a little trip out here. Carl and I may be jumping the gun or presuming we have more friends than we do because we already bought an inflatable mattress and an extra set of towels.


ginni said...

Are you ready for us? I might take you seriously and drive us down there.

Bonnie said...

I love the bathtub photo! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures in your new home away from home. Our birthday babies still need to meet!

michael ann said...

i just had to leave a little note saying i love reading your blog and catching up on your little family's adventures. i grew up right around the corner from stanford and am so excited for you to be living there now! you'll have to go to university art in downtown palo alto, best art store ever (although i might be biased seeing as i worked two summers there...) next time the michael b and i go down to see my family we just might have to say hello :]

Blue Cheese said...

So glad you made it safely!! Love the pics. Had lots of fun there with my sister. As for what goes on in the tower, it houses the Hoover Institute -- a conservative think-tank-ish org.

So glad you are all together again.

Shelly said...

So excited for you! It all looks just perfect. I think California agreed with your dad -- best picture ever!

olivia said...

this community of houses 'round the lawn sounds so dreamy. how is your standford ward? is it as good as they tell me? and, i'm loving your filtery-blurry square muted photos. transcendent!