Last week there was a high moment in the midst of a low day. Only low because I sometimes bombard myself, as I think we all do, with thoughts of being not up to par. I don't like when I spend my time feeling like I'm not a good enough mom, because I also know that I am doing my best, and that is probably good enough. The high moment was this: as I was in the grocery store, I got a little paper cup of water out a dispenser. Remy and I were in front of the cheese aisle, I took some sips and then probably took far too long trying to give some sips to Remy. When I'm doing things like that I totally forget where i am and that I am most likely in the way of a lot of cheese wanters. When I finally stood up, a middle-aged man said to me, "Well, that was just the most pleasant thing to watch." I said thank you and smiled and we moved on to the cereal. As I walked home (on said walk I lost my wallet, sadly) I reminded myself that I am probably better than I think I am. I think that most of us are.


Shelly said...

And that was just the most pleasant thing to hear about! Miss you guys!

Club Narwhal said...

amen. so needed to hear this today!

Chelsea said...

I love these pictures. Remy is a lucky boy!

kathy w. said...

You. Are. Good. Enough. (and better)

ginni said...

I like this—"because I also know that I am doing my best, and that is probably good enough". I tell myself this, in one form or another, often.

If you are doing your best, and you know you are, and you really actually are, then in 30 years the thing that will stand out about your past is that you did your best.

Sometimes when I look back on life, especially Caleb's first few years, and worry that I didn't do enough, I know that it couldn't be true because I always did all that I could.

You're doing great. You're a lovely, amazing, talented and wonderful mom, wife, sister-in-law, and role-model. Good job!!

PS - Remy is really cute.

lindsay ross said...

you are a WONDERFUL Mom in my eyes and we miss you dearly. Love you

Someone In Mind said...

New Follower. I saw you on Natalie's site. Amazingly beautiful artwork.



olivia said...

that shot of remy with his head and hand on his dad! sooooo wonderful.

and, i was in that low just this week! but the worst of it is, i think that's what i beat myself about: that i feel that this is not my best. i could be doing better, why don't i just get up and do better?

what a gift that man gave you. thanks for sharing!

SO sorry about your wallet. what a hassle of hassles.