Good news!

So, here I am on the other end of my very first giveaway. I was so apprehensive, but I think may have a new favorite hobby. Who knew that hosting a giveaway could be so much fun? Not me. Until now. I already have a list of future giveaways that Carl told me I cannot just do all at once, even though I'm really impatient and would like to spill every last bean right now.

The hard thing about a giveaway though is that I would sincerely like to send two prints to each one of you because I believe that you would take it and make a friend, and I love that, but more than that, you would love that.

I don't have the funds to send everyone two prints, but what I can do, and this is a no pressure situation, I'm just throwing it out there, is this: If you entered the giveaway, and didn't win but would still like to buy a print, let me know in the 'notes to seller box' on Etsy that you would like a second print for a friend and I will put it in there for free. If not, maybe you should go over and visit that friend anyway.

I did the random number generator and the winner of Ashmae's very-first-on-her-own-blog giveaway is none other than my mission companion, Juile Newhouse, to me better known as Hermana Bateman. Hermana, could you ever imagine that I would pay you back for nursing me to health, helping me with my spanish, enduring stifling after stifling day of heat, teaching people we loved very much about things we love very much, talking me through my lack of letters from certain people, helping me pick up rocks for my rock collection, being patient with me, kind, funny, lovely in so many ways. Did you ever think that I could pay you back in such a way as a print for you and for a friend? My offering is measly in comparison to how dear this companion who was literally by my side for 6 weeks is, but I'm very glad you won nonetheless Julie. Do you remember how hard we laughed!? Everyday?!

As for the rest of you very kind people, buy one get one free if you'd like, or get ready for a series of giveaways that are not for the faint at heart in the near future. Thank you for your participation and encouragement!


kathy w. said...

I think this is the kindest, most thought-filled giveaway announcement I've ever seen. So nice.

Shelly said...

Congratulations, Julie! I like that Ashley's companion won:)

The Newhouses said...

I am really excited about winning. I have told so many people about it that my husband thinks I am a little crazy. I have so many good memories from our transfer together in Cebal 2. I think my favorite though, and the one that still makes me chuckle a little is when we found out you didn't have film in your camera and we thought about how much time we spent taking pictures, getting things just right, and all the people that we had posing for pictures. I love it. Thank you so much for this giveaway, as I mentioned I am ripping excited.