Beehive Bazaar

Fact:  I have peddled wares at the Beehive Bazaar since I was in high school and I sewed my own pants out of old sheets I batiked.   I sold when I thought the hot commodity was puppets, turns out they weren't.  I've sold, or rather displayed an array of eccentric items made by yours truly, always thinking, 'the people will love this, how will they be able to resist taking it home?'  Somehow, for a decade, I've been a part every spring and beginning of December and I love it.  I mostly love seeing all the people that sell, and I love to see what they've been making with their hands and time.  I'll probably be lingering about all weekend, as per usual, because I just can't help myself.  And now my mom got Remy a little hat that looks like a bee, so I feel it our duty to keep the mascot present as much as possible.  Hope to see you there!  My booth is by the fountain.  It looks rather simple next to some pretty elaborate displays surrounding it, but that's how I roll.

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