Temple Giveaway winner

I did the random number generator, I promise.  Debbie Boldt, the very last person to enter the giveaway is the winner, which means that I will be painting the Nauvoo, Illinois temple next.  Hooray!  Thank you all for your comments and for spreading the word.  It's been helpful to see what temples people are hoping for.  I will keep working and hopefully have many of them done in the coming months.

In the meantime, I did do a Logan Temple.  It is up in the shop now. I think this is such a stately temple.  I wanted it to look that way when I painted it. It is the second temple built in Utah, it was dedicated in 1884. I had such a hard time with the color. It seemed to look different in every photo I looked at, and I looked at a lot of photos.  This is probably because it is made of a hard-packed limestone, but sandstone was also used in parts.  I have been to Logan and seen the temple from a distance, but I couldn't remember exacts.  I checked with a friend who lived in Logan for a long time, and she said this looked pretty right.  Let me know if I am off though.

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