Last Saturday night Carl sent me out to the movies on my own while Remy slept.  I saw this film and have not stopped thinking about it since.  In an interview, the director, Wim Wenders says, "Creativity is the last great adventure."  For me, I think he is right, and I need to think really hard about what that means, and then work, work, work.  If you can, see the movie in 3-d.


Camille Spencer said...

I really enjoyed this film too. I personally find a real interest in Pina's works. I find the exploration of dance and theater an interesting mix. I also appreciated that she created dance accessible for all age of dancers. There are older and younger dancers in her pieces.

There are so many adventures that you can create with creativity. It could take your whole life to live an adventure with something like creativity. I liked that Pina showed that creativity has no boundaries. We just create these guidelines and safe houses to often hide in.

I really liked the part of the girl who had the hair solo by the pool. Not so much for the dance but for her meaning behind it. Also the girl who was "scared" of Pina. When asked that, she realized that she was holding back because of insecure inhibitions about herself. When she let go of those, she found the real naturalness in her performing.

Thanks Ashley!

ashmae said...

If you were closer, I would insist that we go see it again. It really was so amazing. I would probably also insist that you teach me to dance a little. I loved those two parts as well, the pool dance and the girl who was scared. I think my favorite piece was the guy who jumped into the other guys arms at the end. I love the liminal space between art, dancing, movement, etc...