Utopian Mom Moment

I made a couple of very simple little paintings about being a mom in light of Mothers day, (Mother's day?)  How did I teach college english classes, I will forever struggle with the apostrophe.  I know it is a simple concept, I know, but forgive my not knowing 15% of the time.  I have a few other paintings in mind that I will post when they are done.  I know that there are all sorts of moms: working moms, going-to-school moms, single moms, moms who don't wear aprons with ruffles or ever want pink sinks,  but I started with these paintings because I wanted to indulge myself in a little vision of perfection.  Not that my painting is perfect, but the feeling of the moment I wanted to create, is.  Since so much of my real life is not me wearing ruffles and a crown, and there is almost never a sink empty of dishes or a vase of flowers on the counter, I wanted create a little bit of a utopia mom moment, because I think those happen a lot too.  I also have been thinking a lot about the joy of being able to stay home, i.e. stay-at-home-mom.  You know, that phrase that we so often shy away from, or feel the need to put "just" in front of.  I've never been one for being able to hold down a "real" job, with schedules and time cards and rules, but I have been working a lot lately.  Like I think I'm getting carpal tunnel from painting 8 hours a day (most of which is while Remy is sleeping), lest you were wondering if he is just tearing up the house while I work.  But sometimes, he actually is, and sometimes I'm too tired to play when he is awake, and sometimes he dumps whole bags of onions and garlic and flour on the kitchen floor, then poos in it and smears it around, (don't worry, this last event only happened once).  Anyway, I've thought and felt for so long that I needed to work work work in the world to prove myself.  I still have no problem with moms who do work, by choice or necessity.  I'm impressed at their dexterity and determination. I know I am really lucky to be in a situation where it is mostly a choice, and my job is by no means as difficult or taxing as many other people in the world.    I don't have to prove anything to anybody.  Remy and Carl are the ones who need me most, and I am sometimes wont to forget as I get whirl-winded into social media, art-making and selling, making connections and working.  I don't want to complain because I love what I do, and in so many ways it is ideal.  In fact, a dream coming true, so I will still work (some weeks I only work a few hours too), but not at the expense of these precious years while Remy is just a little tater-tot who is indulging himself in every bit of loveliness the world has to offer.  I want to be there to show him.  So, these next two paintings are a tribute to being at home, and wearing dresses and crowns and feeling awesome about doing what I am doing, no matter how insignificant to anyone else.  

Both paintings are available for purchase on my etsy shop or at the Beehive Bazaar this next week.


Unknown said...

beautiful, as usual

Deja said...

love the work you are doing, all of it. and the privilege of hearing about it. thank you.

Shelly said...

So wonderful! I really love hearing the backgrounds of these beautiful paintings of yours.