I think it's an amazing thing to be brought out to sea on someone else's ship for a short while. Maybe we feel nervous, maybe it seems that they are captaining all wrong, that the anchor should be placed sooner, that the waves are getting too big, but then we look up and see that we've been taken to a beautiful place, entirely new, we've never seen the sea like this before. We look back and see that we are a long way from shore, with only the hope of trust that our friend will get us back safely. And most likely they will, though perhaps not in the way we would have done it, but they have been doing things this way, maybe all their lives, it is their essence. You love that essence, embrace it, don't seek to mold it into your own, even if you do know a more efficient way home. You do this because next week you will invite them out on your ship, and they may feel just the same way you once did, but you will both be the better for the experience. The sea, with all it's monotony, may be a new place because of the way you saw your friend look upon it.

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Lindsey P said...

this is beautiful, and true. love you and miss you!