I won second place in the contest, only beat out by a neighbor who wore a sweater with giant shoulder pads and a plethera of real ornaments attached.


kathy said...

Gah! Foiled by ornaments!

I'm really commenting to say that kate and I went to the beehive bazaar today and found your bird cards, which I just love love love.

>>>paper muncher<<< said...

I am pretty confident I would have taken third place with my bright red turtleneck.


Thanks for the nice comments. I'm a big fan of your photos with drawings and paint and they make me think of Henry Darger which tickles something deep down inside me that makes sense and makes me want to work very hard for things that are meaningful.

Why are they showing Harry Potter previews on ABC when it doesn't come out for 8 months? I can't stay excited that long!

shelly said...

Those darned shoulder pads and ornaments! Sounds a little "showy" to me...I personally like the understated fur collar.