I was riding my bike home from work today, and as I was going up the hill, I noticed I was about to pass a man from my neighborhood.  I know he is blind because he used to come to one of my classes and he always carried a walking stick with him. He was rather apt at making profound comments.  After my class with him, I began to notice him walking all over Provo.  Today, as I biked up the hill to my house, he looked up and smiled at precisely the moment I passed and looked up at him and smiled.  I didn't realize at first who it was because he was sans walking stick, but after I passed, I thought to myself that there are many amazing things that happen in a day.


Sofia Deyanira said...

Isn't it heartwarming on those days? The days that magic appears in the daily grind? I find myself smiling like this morning on the day of my last and horrendous final, it was a lovely spring day and on my walk to the bus I saw a bay laurel tree and picked plenty of bay leaves to bring home to my dear mother who watched Bou for me during finals while Matt is away. She loves her just as much as I do in a sense of grandmother. I am lucky to have such a mother and picking those bay leaves made me a happier person. Smiling at strangers makes me a happier person. Magic I tell you, the warm fuzzy magic!

david. said...

working with people that have impaired vision, i've noticed that they have an uncanny sense ofhearing. it's almost as if other senses are making up for damaged ones. he must have heard your bicycle.
i love that scene in amelie when she grabs the blind man and takes him around the block and describes the most mundane things. every time i see it, i want to cry.

Rachel. said...

I love the same scene davey loves. and also this new one you shared with us.