It's Carl's birthday, and I was going to write about him, but then he came and sat next to me, and then I found this music.

There is this instrument and a man who plays said instrument that I have been bringing up in conversations for months now, the problem being that I can never remember the name of the instrument or the musician. Today, however, I was reminded as to why I am grateful to have like-minded friends, even if they are across the country; I found both answers that have lived on the tip of my tongue for nearly a year. ASTOR PIAZOLLA AND THE BANDEON!!!! I could not be more elated to be reunited, not only have I brought up nameless person and mystery instrument countless times, with nothing to actually say, except that, "there's this incredible musician from Argentina, who plays this box-like thing with buttons, surely you've heard of
him?", which interactions ended up awkwardly nowhere, but I have been wanting to hear the music. I'd even forgot what the music sounded like, only that I had to hear it, that it was along the lines of one of the more sexy things of life. I leave it for you here:


Lizzy Lambson said...

A few years ago in the chamber orchestra we played Piazzola's Argentinian version of the Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which is such an awesome, awesome piece and you should check it out from the library or something! It's wonderful. And it was so good to see you at your reception here! Keep in touch, please! And when I get my next paycheck, I want to get a felting kit.

Amanda said...

1) This makes me very happy.

2) If this Lizzy Lambson friend is speaking of the BYU chamber orchestra, then I'm pretty sure she's talking about the same performance that I went to several years ago in which I was first introduced to Mr. Piazzola. And Lizzy is right--his Four Seasons are GOREGOUS.