Some Wedding Photos by yanphoto.com

I know, I know... the wedding is over, I've written once about it, perhaps you've watched the video, but this post is not all about me, despite what it may seem. As I've said to so many people, I loved every moment of our wedding day. I loved the weeks before our wedding when I flitted about not knowing exactly what I was supposed to be doing, and I love the people who took care of me through all of it, ensuring that everything would turn out. Like I said in a post a couple weeks ago, for me, the event was heavenly and ideal, and now that it's over, and life is getting increasingly more lovely, I am so happy I have photos that I love to reflect upon.

What I'm getting at is that our dear friend Diana Palmer of Yan Photo took our wedding pictures, and we love them and want to get the word out about her talent and creativity. We went down to Manti about five days before the actual wedding so that we could take pictures in the lighting and ways that we wanted without any pressure or hurrying. The whole experience was calming and fun, Diana is definitely a photographer who puts you at ease. Diana intuitively was able to capture the feel we wanted in our wedding pictures. I appreciated that she didn't have a set of standard poses and compositions for each couple, but was eager and professional in making the shoot a tailored project. Carl and I could not be happier with the way our wedding photos turned out. Diana also does newborn and child photos, family portraits, engagements, maternity shoots and I imagine any other creative endeavors you may have in mind.

Check out her site and business at yanphoto.com and without further ado, I give you some images (there are more on the website).


Club Narwhal said...

this all looks so, so wonderful! your friend took gorgeous photos (and you two, of course, are lovely as well)

shelly said...

Her photos of you two are honestly some of my favorite wedding pictures ever! (I'm so happy you're so happy!)

analyn said...

teaching's going better than it ever has; i love it. how's school going for you? how's the newly married life treating you?

shelly said...

I keep coming back to these wonderful pictures. I've decided the second one down, in front of the steps, looks like you're in heaven! At least, to me:)