This lovely little trip to arches...

cost us:
1.5 tanks of gas
30 hours away from Provo
1 really cold night in a tent and a few icicles in my hair
20.00 dollars for a camping spot because Carl was too honest not to pay in the self serve camping site box even though it was only a frozen parking spot and no one else was paying.
some muddy boots
two sunburned faces

This weekend adventure gave us:
a beautiful day outside
new insight on the sacred spaces God provides for us all around
some new paintings
a poem in progress
some pictures for a geology slideshow carl is putting together to teach someday
a messy car
a plate of supreme nachos from a Fiesta Mexicana
the photos below
a lot of exposure to asian tourists
a sunrise
a sunset
something we will remember.


Jim/Blog said...

wait, 30 hours? I swear arches is not that far away.

Jim/Blog said...

oh wait, did you mean you were gone for 30 hours (as opposed to driving 30 hours to get there)? as soon as I posted that last comment I realized that was probably the case.

k. double-u. said...

I think it's fabulous that you paid for the campsite even though nobody else did. One more reason why I love you guys.

NEC said...

Oh my gosh that snow picture is hilarious. You guys are nuts.

MaryAnne said...

I love that you took this trip! I also love that Carl paid - I would have too. Arches is so beautiful. I'm convinced time in nature brings renewal. Brad and I snowshoed this weekend and it reminded me of when we went up South Fork before our missions and had delicious tuna snacks in the snow. Yum!

e. del mar said...

My favorite is the last photograph. it looks like the rocks are kissing.

Brooke said...

Ash, this is so great! I'm glad you got away :)

darcie said...

where are the pics of the crazy hair?! also that tent looks especially tight.