Ode to my Range of Mountains

The mountains live in my backyard

pressed tight against this valley—

a mother wearing an apron of snow

father with a jagged beard

little sister burned in summer—

Tell me, mountains that raised me,

why didn’t you warn me

when I was going to make a mistake?

Still, thank you,

for many things:

for long grass in springtime,

the red fox who darted out,

the deer and the steep path,

the stream and beaver dams,

for the time I hiked to your top at night

and lost the trail coming down,

for the way the weeds glowed like gold

under the navy sky as I came down through them—

the way I felt that I too had been alive a thousand years.


shelly said...

So very beautiful!

NEC said...

Ashley my dear, I love this. I reposted here: thegreenphone.tumblr.com


PS: I am moving back to our state on May 1. May day!

Holly-girl said...

unbelievably beautiful!!

Holly-girl said...

thx for the comment, Ashmae! your paintings and your poetry are so incredibly lovely- is there some way to access more of your poetry or writings (i.e. are they all in one place) or do i just need to scroll thru your blog? i want more! :-)

Joseph said...

I love spending time here with you, Ashley. So glad for virtual contact right now am I. :)