He he. This goat felt like the king of the manger scene here. The other animals are clearly not as impressed as we were with his sweet climbing skills and confidence as he let's everyone know how austere he is.
Famous Rialto Bridge in Venice. We spent our Christmas Eve in a small restaurant right by here. We ended up hanging out with two guys from New Zealand, a table of Italians and two girls from Guatemala. Carl was translating for everyone and it was getting out of control. It was so fun and it reminded us that what we need most is human connection to be happy.
We learned that abandoning turtles at lovely pond spots in Italy is punishable by law and will get you six months in prison. Luckily there is turtle club italia that takes in all unwanted turtles.

Christmas eve after a beautiful mass in San Marcos Cathedral. So much water flooding the whole city. Apparently this only happens a couple days a year, so glad we got to see it! Fewer things I love more than tromping around in rain boots and water. We missed our families this night, but it was a special Christmas nonetheless and I don't think we'll be away for many more Christmas' in this life.


tallia said...

Yay! Your trip sounds so wonderful! We are glad to have you back though. Can we take all our babies to italy together sometime?

Patti said...

Ashley I'm so impressed that you traveled so far while you're pregnant! But it will be easier now than later. What a blast. I miss you!

Club Narwhal said...

um j to the EALOUS! gorgeous stuff. we once went to a place called "goats on a roof" somewhere in georgia. it was just a store with a bunch of goats living on the roof. but it was made to look like an old mining town. amazing.