Our Trip to Italy/Denmark

Baby boy went with us and behaved very well. We walked and walked and walked, even in 2 feet of water in Venice when the canals flooded.
We saw lots of Carl's old friends. They fed us most delicious pastas and cheeses. Spending so much time with people Carl loves and cares for was perhaps the most wonderful part of our month away. We grew to love these good people even more. Once you are someone's missionary, it seems that will be the case for our whole lives.
My pregnant self was very happy about all the treats, though I remained totally calm and didn't eat too much. It sure was a beautiful sight though.
The duomo in Milan. Such a beautiful place. We went to a very nice week-before-christmas mass here. So much fashion, so few pregnant people in Milan. I was quite foreign to them, especially the day I wore overalls.
We saw awesome things like this wooly (real wool) rocking sheep. Hello! I want one. I mean baby boy told me he wants one.


Shelly said...

I've been DYING for you to post about your trip!!! It's wonderful! Exciting! Fantastic! I'm loving the pictures so MUCH. Please let there be more! So glad you're back, by the way -- and you look fantastic!

Brooke said...

HOoray! I'm so happy to see these pictures and hear about your good times. No one deserves it more. Love you!

NEC said...

oh man- only you would wear overalls in Milan. I love it.