I don't take back my last post, nor do I feel apologetic for being honest, but I feel as if I should add an addendum to some of the things I mentioned. First, it is totally normal and natural that I feel a little lonely in my new circumstances. I did just come from the place where I grew up for 26 years. I was literally surrounded by the best of family and friends. I even accidentally used my brother-in-laws toothbrush a couple of times while we were all living together in my parent's house for a few months. I realize that feeling a bit out of place is part of change, and I'm okay with that. Secondly though, and perhaps far more important are the things that were said over the weekend during conference. Not just because they were said, or even because I simply believe them, but because I feel them on a day-to-day basis. Here are some of those things. (these are paraphrased from my notes) Elder Uchtdorf: No matter how insignificant you feel, you are not invisible to Heavenly Father. When you feel lonely or sad, know you will not feel this way forever. The most powerful being in the universe is the Father of your spirit. Neil A. Andersen: We must devote our time to the things that matter most, and the things of God matter most. Robert D. Hales: We will not be left alone in our Gethsemane. He who watches over us will not slumber.

On my mission, there were always little old ladies who were telling us, "Oh, yes, I am speaking to God all day long." I was usually a tad skeptical, and I still think you can say that and not have the actions to join it, but I am understanding better why and how one could say that.


MaryAnne said...

When we moved to Rochester I felt quite lonely for a long time. I remember going home to Provo (after 6 whole weeks of being away) and feeling like I didn't know if I would ever really have REAL friends in Rochester. It's funny to me now to think about the people that I only knew on the surface then and think that we wouldn't become the best of friends. Now, when I think about leaving my friends here, it makes my heart hurt.

I wish we lived closer so that I could be there to sing to the uke with you!

Aaron + Kayti said...

i love this post. there is a serenity to loneliness & those are the times when i come closest to the Savior through prayer, song & scripture study. loves.

Shelly said...

I love this - and you -- so much!