Monday Monday

It was exciting to fly into San Francisco and call it home. I do miss Provo. Sometimes fiercely. I miss those mountains like they were part of my own body, like they help me breath. And I miss my family. I do have to say though, that after I wrote the post about being lonely, I no longer felt very lonely. It was as if I just needed to share the sentiment with someone for a little while, and then once I realized I wasn't the only one that felt that way once in awhile, I felt calm and full. Washington DC was so good. I've learned over my life that there are few things really worth spending money on, but one thing that I never ever regret is going out of my way to see someone I love or to support a friend or family in what is important to them. My dear friend Marc, who has been a dear friend, nearly brother since our junior year of high school was married to his boyfriend, Andrew. I was so happy to see them both surrounded by a nexus of people who are invested in their happiness. The wedding was incredible, in the National Building Museum. For half the night the rumor flew around that the building was where Abe Lincoln held his grand balls back in the day, but that was corrected by Nikki, who told us it was actually a WWI pensionary building. Either way, it was dimly lit, fancy carpeted, DIY detailed, with the ballroom the size of a football field and a ceiling over four stories high. I will post pictures soon because it is worth seeing. After all of the festivities, we were on the metro with Nikki and she said, "That's really cool that you guys came out." but, since the metro is loud and I am always eager to find some common ground and agree, I quickly responded to what I thought she said and replied, "oh yeah, that is really cool that Marc came out." We laughed through the next three stops. In my head, i really was thinking, 'yeah, that is cool that marc came out, so he could meet andrew, so he could be happy, so he could have this beautiful wedding, so we can all be here at this moment together having a good go at life.' Ha ha. I will probably also write more about this next point later, but Remy was a star traveller. I don't want to brag, but I'm going to. He was superb. I think he honestly thought that both flights were five hour celebrations in honor of him. At one point, he and I walked up and down the aisle to get a little change of scenery, and I felt like we were in a movie. People were reaching up to touch him or say hello and he in return was more than gracious to all his admirers, smiling, laughing and touching their hands. I am a lucky girl, sure glad I came out.


ginni said...

I'm color coding my bookshelves tomorrow. Wow, it looks so good.

Chris Spencer said...

Nice GQ pose Carl.

Little Lisa said...

I miss you guys. I sure hope we get to see you in December.

shields family said...


We just purchased some of your temple prints and love them for our kids rooms. We have family from the bay area that are requesting the Oakland Temple next. Please let us know when it is done, thanks!

And Good luck in San Fran!

Shields Family-UT

olivia said...

snickering. that is the perfect word for what i am doing over here so i had to stop and explain myself to ben.

we made it a point to see the building museum when we were there. sounds like we met a different environment—there was a bird flying around those 4 stories and everything was loud and echo-y and BRIGHT.

i'm glad you all came out, too, so i could have this snicker, but i'm sad i wasn't there in DC to join you.