Bijou Market

There are few things I love more than being together with people I love. However, couple that love with a gaggle of well-crafted, clever handmade goods, wowzer. I love Provo, I think we all know by now, and I love the people and things Provo creates. The Bijou Market is this weekend! Yip yip! Go to, peruse, enjoy, buy local and handmade for Christmas, see the most fashionable group of moms you'll ever lay eyes on.


MaryAnne said...

It's the fashionable part that scares me right out of my pants (or the Bijou market, as the case may be). :)

Krysta said...

First off triple win for that darling pink dress! Second I am sooooo glad you posted this! I have been so worried that I missed this and I would have been sooooo sad! Thanks for the heads up!

ashmae said...

don't even worry. the good thing is that they are both fashionable and nice. you just have to challenge the outfit.