Take that!

You two unfounded fears of mine. Today, this morning rather, I did two things that have been standing in my way. I went to a yoga class for the first time since before being pregnant and I finally put on the light pink dress in my closet that has been hiding in there like a nasty little sneak. Sure, in the yoga class I may have clearly been the least flexible one there, and maybe I did forget that there were large holes in unlucky places in my leggings until I got there and sat cross-legged, but do you know what? My body still works pretty great. I am still strong (kind of) and it felt so good to just be with the old body, stretching and moving about. I have for so long made it up in my head that I couldn't do yoga anymore, or that starting up again was just too much, but this morning, I said to myself, 'get a grip', and off I pedaled on my bike to yoga class. So glad I did.

Secondly, I came home and thought, as long as I'm on a roll, and clearly have no shame, let's try on that stupid dress that's been haunting me for literally years. As 'one chance to impress' is coming along quite nicely, I had no other choice but to face that article of clothing that I think is so adorable, so adorable that it probably, most likely, almost assuredly won't fit, and then I will have to be embarrassed and feel chubby all day. I bought this dress probably four years ago. It was an online purchase from j.crew, the only one I've ever made. I'm pretty sure I had just gotten some student loans for the first time as well, and was feeling spiffy and independent and clearly responsible enough to purchase things like full-priced dresses that I've never even tried on. What?! Anyway, the dress came, and it was of course, darling. Just the right length, lovely buttons on the front, a nice cut. I wore it a couple of times, and then it hung there, like a taunting little sass (this dress is somehow a nasty sneak, adorable and a little sass) for the next four years, where I've always worried that I'll put it on, or just try to put it on and it won't even close to fit. Until this morning, when I put it on. And guess what? It fit fine. Okay, it's a little snug, but I'm okay with that. But do you know also, if it hadn't fit, OH WELL. Adios, I say, to things that make me feel foolish. I've since learned from my mistake of fancy online shopping that I can't afford. I haven't done that since, and if the dress hadn't fit, too bad, my body can still do a pretty mean downward dog.


Little Lisa said...

I love vinyasa flows! Good for you for going to yoga and for wearing the pink dress! You are beautiful, Ashley.

sara said...

I admire your honesty. And just know that I would be sitting by you in yoga with similar "holy" leggings.

Shelly said...

Just look how cute you are! Love the pink dress!